For fair, orderly, and efficient proceedings, the following ground rules shall be observed for
the entire duration of this afternoon’s meeting:
         (FIRST) Each stockholder shall be allowed one (1) vote per share.
         (SECOND) A stockholder who wishes to take the floor must identify himself and
         direct his question to the Chairman. If he is a holder of a proxy, he is to state this fact
         and the name of the stockholder who granted him the proxy. He must first be
         recognized by the Chairman before he can have the floor;
         (THIRD) Questions or comments from the floor will be entertained subject to the
                     (i) Only questions relevant to the particular item in the agenda being
                     discussed will be allowed;
                     (ii) Stockholders are requested to only ask questions during the time allotted
                     to them. If there are questions or comments which could not be entertained
                     on the floor, a stockholder may submit its position in writing to the Office of
                     the Corporate Secretary within five (5) days from today;
                     (iii) For the speedy conduct of this meeting and in order for the concerns to
                     be answered promptly, all statements raised must be in the form of questions;
                     (iv) Only persons recognized by the Chairman and speaking at the designated
                     area where the microphone is situated will be entertained.
        (FOURTH) A stockholder shall be given, at most, two (2) minutes per turn to ask a
        (FIFTH) The Corporate Secretary and the stock transfer agent shall assist in recording
        the votes.
        (SIXTH) All cell phones must be placed on silent mode so as not to disrupt this
        meeting. Should you need to take a call, please take such call outside.
        (SEVENTH) Unauthorized photographing, audio-recording or video-recording of this
        meeting is not allowed.
The Chairman may waive or allow exceptions to the foregoing rules if, in his judgment, he
deems it necessary or proper under the circumstances. Any person who fails to follow the
foregoing ground rules may be declared out of order and may be barred from further
participation in these proceedings and/or be escorted out from this venue.
Everyone is mandated to observe proper decorum and due courtesy during this meeting.