Company’s Corporate or Business Profile

Alliance is among the leading manufacturer and processor of seafood products. We are an integrated company with interests in tuna fishing and canning, marine farms and salmon products with brand ownership for our salmon products.

The Company has tuna fishing fleets in Indonesia and Philippines and tuna processing facilities in these two countries. In addition, the firm has marine farms for commercial production of salmon in New Zealand with two salmon processing plants there and another in the United States of America. Finally, the Company has a marketing office in Thailand.

Company’s Mission

To manufacture, in partnership with our global customers and local stakeholders, high quality food products from naturally sustainable sources by using globally acknowledged best practices.

Company Management

Members of the Board

Jonathan Y. Dee – Chairman

George E. Sycip – Vice Chairman & Independent Director

Marie T. Grace Vera Cruz – Member

Hedy S. C. Yap Chua – Member

Erwin Elechicon – Independent Director

Atty. Antonio Pacis – Member

Raymond K.H. See – Member

Management Team

Raymond K.H. See – President & Chief Operating Officer

Dennis Ignacio ‐ Treasurer

Lisa Dejadina – Senior Vice President – Operational Excellence

Grace S. Dogillo – Vice President – Finance

Roehl Macapagal – Vice President – International & Local Sales

Atty. Annsley Bangkas – Assistant Corporate Secretary