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(1) Fish Preparation

  • Sorting. The fish are unloaded and inspected for biological and chemical defects. They are then sorted based on species, size and weight. Frozen fish are thawed while fresh fish are ice-stored to maintain quality.
  • Pre-Cooking. After the sorted fish have been thoroughly washed, the tuna is loaded into a large high-steam pressure-cooking chamber for between 30-90 minutes (depending on fish size) to ensure the absence of any defects from the meat.
  • Butchering. After the racks of tuna have been cooled for around 4 hours, the heads and tails are removed from the loins.

(2) Loining & Packing

  • Skinning & Loining. The fish skin, dark meat and bones are carefully removed manually by a dedicated team.
  • Filling. The fish are then placed onto a conveyor belt which feeds into a pack shaper or cutter to ensure that each can is filled with an exact amount of fish. Appropriate measures of salt, vegetable broth, water, oil or brine are then injected into the cans.
  • Seaming. After filling, the cans are hermetically sealed with lids.

(3) Retorting

  • Pressure Cooking. The cans are cooked inside a retort machine for a prescribed cook time. The retort machine not only cooks the tuna through high pressure, it also sterilizes the cans.
  • Cooling. The sterilized cans are moved to a cooling area for 30-60 minutes.

(4) Brite-stacking

  • Brite-Stacking. The cans are then unloaded in the case-up area and cooled for another 3-6 hours. Then they are left for a 12 day incubation period during which any final defects may emerge and be treated accordingly.    Labeling. The cans which have passed all quality checks are labeled with their corresponding brands and then stored in a warehouse.
  • Shipping. The finished goods are then placed in boxes and loaded into container vans for shipment.

On the Product…

Our main tuna pack styles:

  • Solids
  • Chunks
  • Flakes

Our 3 basic packing media:

  • Water or Brine
  • Sunflower oil
  • Soya oil


  • Tower Shrink-Wrapped Cans: Standard shape and size manufactured in our very own can factory.

Our customers are invited to request any special ingredients that they may require.
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